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Glyph Talk
Built before the establishment of the Dynasties, built before the Pharoah, the glyphs housed in Ancient Kemet's temples, when under the right conditions, were said to tell a tale quite of their own....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Computer Chip

Hello Readers,

I thought that today I would talk a little bit about something which I referred to in my last article on the Bohemian Grove that probably sounded a little bit far-fetched (I know, basically everything in this blog falls into that unfortunate category, but some articles seem to do so more so than others- even from my perspective) and so I decided to get to it as quickly as possible. This was on the issue of the Computer Chip and its Kemetic origins, or possible Kemetic origins, you can decide for yourselves. Nothing is new under the Sun, they say... so bear with me.

The model for our modern day computer chip was found to reside in the architectural structure of the Temple of Horus (Haru) at Edfu in modern day Kemet (Egypt, but I will say Kemet from now, y'all follow me, right? Same geographic area, cool?). I will post a link to the original article at the end of this post so you can see and investigate it for yourselves.

Basically, the Inner Sanctuary which is located at the eastern end of the temple has a structure akin to the interior of a CPU (Look, you can even see the ridges on the far left side of the diagram and match them with the cpu!!). As you can see in the picture (the images at the top which say, "CPU") the inner sanctuary is surrounded by several chambers, a Vestibule, and the Naos which contains a statue of the Deity Haru, in essence, the most important part of the temple. The chambers surrounding the sanctuary were used for the storing of ritualistic information (perhaps stemming from the kabal or texts prescribing the procedural and spiritual aspects of the ritual and of Haru Itself.) Now, in the CPU there are segments called registers which are used to store information as well.

The next inner chamber is called the Vestible, or, "A course for giving access." In the logic centres of cpu's outer sections of a microprocessor are offered access to the Control Unit.

The Naos is the centre of the temple (wherein you find the statue) and, at least symbolically, controls and works with the dynamics of ritual and tradition, as the Control Unit of a cpu works in conjunction with the microprocessors that surround it. If you look closely, you can see that at the bottom right hand corner of the sanctuary are what look like mini circuit chips.

The next area of the sanctuary is the Offering Hall which was supposed to contain items brought to it from the Second Hypostle Hall. The cpu's cache contains data which is to be brought from an outside source as well-- the Bios Chip.


A Bios chip, if one looks closely, can be seen to appear as a gadget with ridges extending from it which the chip's body are placed on. In the same way, the word, "Hypostle" means "a roof resting on columns or rows of columns."
The function of the bios chip is the booting of a cpu system. It ensures all attachments are in their correct order and transfers control to the bios and loads the program or programs to be used in the RAM.
The function of the Hypostle hall was to prepare the temple for the worship of the Deity and the rituals to be performed thereof. Control of the temple is, for a short time, transferred to this Hall in preparation (so, just before or just as) for the ritual worship. It also brings this tradition of celebration (or, a program) to those in the outer Hypostle Hall who are not yet skilled enough or yet of enough merit or age to be in the inner sanctuary as the ritual is being performed.


This post was supposed to be short, and since the next sections of it are supposed to be shorter, I am going to quote some information directly from the link I am giving you,

"Random Access Memory is a short term memory used to temporarily hold programs to be used by a computer. In the case of the temple, "the computer" is Egyptian Civilization and the "program" is a celebration held in the outer hypostyle hall for those not qualified or required to be in the inner sanctuary or are temporary members."

than paraphrasing, isn't it? I'm not a computer whiz by any stretch... I am the opposite, in fact. So writing out this terminology is a big bore, but the stuff is damn interesting, so excuse my laziness this one time.


Last one,

The open courtyard of this temple has several pillars surrounding it inside of a wall on three sides. A socket which is used to hold a co-processor chip (or Floating Point Unit) on a computer motherboard would be a logical comparison to this area if the "pillars" are interpreted as "holes" and the open area is the hollowed out area of the "socket."

As I've mentioned before, Kemet is a mason state of the previous civilization(s) which were, in the remote past, far more advanced. The pyramids and most of the temples themselves were not built at the order nor at the time of the Pharoahs, but much before. So, the design of this temple and, if you look at the link, the glyph of ancient technology which strangely resembles some of what we have today must have come from an earlier civilization, perhaps Eridu or Lumeria (ask me about it privately if you wish).

In any case, I thought that this information might catch the eyes of people who are more technologically inclined than I am. Cuz I ain't big with computers but the damn thing still stunned me. Click the title of this post, it will bring you to the link as I promised. Check this out and investigate further for your own education. Peace be on all of you,


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Bohemian Grove

Initially, I was hesitant to touch on this subject unless I was asked about it specifically. However, I did figure that eventually the subject of Masonry would come up, along with its affiliations as a word or concept commonly overheard by curious ears and just as often dismissed as some type of conspiracy theory. In reality, Masonry is a very real concept and about as far away from conspiracy theory as you can get. This article will talk a little bit about Masonry as a means of offering an overstanding (or understanding, if that is what is better comprehended) on the Bohemian Grove- which I was also hesitant to touch on because it is a peripheral issue in relation to Ancient Kemet; but Masonry, and so also the Bohemian Grove, are topics that find their grounding with the teachings, and as well as with the destruction, of the Land of the Blacks.

Kemet itself was a spin-off or "Masonic" state of a former society known as the Order of the Two Horns which is ancestral to Kemet, being the base of Kemetic knowledge-- which was actually the peak of homo sapien civilization-- at least in terms of spiritual science. However, arcane and physical sciences that are no longer part of the transmission of knowledge were also practiced in Kemet: gene splicing, alchemy, manipulation of the weather, etc. At one point, Kemet even operated without a policing or judicial system, for its people operated on a heightened spiritual level based on unity with the Source and the Divinity of Ma'at. Modern day computer chips, even, are in fact modelled after the design of the Kemetic Temples- in terms of aesthetics and also the organization of the sharing of knowledge (Ask me to write on this another time).

When I say Masonic I only mean that Kemet was a state that "built" on what a former Order had already established. This Order travelled the planet and were the first to teach Spirituality, Math, and Science to humanity. Their name, "Two Horn" (although this also has a deeper universal origin which involves other galaxies and celestial significances) stems from the food that they ate while in North East Africa, the now extinct Auroch originally prevelant in parts of Asia, Europe, and Africa, of course.

Again, sorry to leave things short, but I will talk further on the Order and the history of Masonry another time. The basic gyst is that this Order is the first Fraternity, and eventually oaths of secrecy came into play as the knowledge travelled further and further from the state. These oaths involved "pledges." Like a modern day fraternity does.

The inauguration ceremony of George Washington into the Presidency was also a masonic ritual. The Statue of "Liberty" has nothing to do with liberty. It is a masonic symbol stemming from Ancient Babylon representative of their divine trinity of Nimrod, Neleus, and Queen Samirimis. Queen Samirimis was depicted as a dove. The latin word for dove is columbo/a. The next time you watch a movie and see, "Tristar Columbia" with the picture of a certain and familiar statue underneath it, remember what you've read here. So, the U.S.A was built on the foundations of something which came before it, and I do not mean like Europe to Greece or The United States to Europe. I am not discussing geographic foundations, but knowledge foundations. For Knowledge is civilization.

Now it was recently blown wide open by a reporter named Alex Jones (David Icke as well, I believe. Look it up if your interested) that the most powerful members of the United States along with those elsewhere on the planet who direct and manipulate the world economy were found to gather annually at the Bohemian Grove in California.
Here, a Masonic ritual (just one of the many they have their members perform) involving mock human sacrifice is carried out. Dressed in robes, the men sacrifice a Black child to the Canaanite deity, Molloch. Molloch is represented as a bull or an owl or some type of horned (...cough) beast.

Even worse, the men engage in rampant acts of gross homosexuality (not that there is anything wrong with this, but these are the conservative "Christians" that pervade the American political system, "In God we trust." Remember my article on the "GOD" concept? Yeah, unfortunately, things are that serious. I will write on Christianity and its true origins another time- for this subject is VERY important.)

Just WHAT in the hell are our political and world leaders doing at the Bohemian Grove engaging in these practices?

Food for thought.

In the Order of Ma'at, Peace be on you,


Thursday, January 22, 2009

The "GOD" Concept

Where and when was this notion of "God" established?

In Kemet, the sun was worshipped, but the deity was not a pagan one, as some scholars might have you believe.
It was worshipped symbolically as the Sustainer of Life. Without the sun, everything on the planet would die- and this is true for life in any given galaxy, in any given solar system. "Sol" (meaning the Sun) is from where the word "Soul" is derived. This sustainer of life was also seen- and in fact still is, as you will read shortly, the representative of the Kemetic Supreme Deity, Re.

Try not to think of a Supreme Deity as simply a mythic concept, the Sarcophogus's of many "Deities" have been found. So, at one time they did in fact live. They are ancestors who have died and so been removed from the physical plane. In a way, though not quite the same, some of us are supreme beings, too, but, that is for another discussion.

The sun, as observed by those of Kemet, traversed through three phases. The Morning Phase (Atum-Re [from Atum we can also trace Atom or Adam or Adamah-- get to that another time]); the Noon Phase (Atun-Re); and lastly the Evening Phase (called, Amun-Re). Some of you may recognize this word, Amun. It has travelled through all the world's languages and can be found as Amun (it's original); Amon, Amiyn, or, the Amen, which the world's 3 main monotheistic religions repeat at the end of prayer, most of them never being told the real reason why.

So, these names for the phases of the sun also correspond to 3 symbolic Hebrew words or phrases pertaining to the Deity's traits. They are, as follows:

3 Phases (Does, "Trinity," ring a bell?):
For the Morning Phase: "Dabar" which means, Wisdom, or, the Word.
For the Noon Phase : "Oz" which means, Strength.
For the Evening Phase : "Gomer" which means, Beautiful.

As you can see, the acronym for these phrases is, "God." Put together, the word God was symbolic for the understanding that, "The Word is Strength and Beauty." Those who have studied the Bible, or the "By Bill," or any other religious text will recognize the allusion to the Word and Its power to manifest Itself. The power of the Word is derived from the power of thought, which becomes utterance. A thought which is spoken has the power to Be. This understanding of the gift and power of words is also referred to as the Law of Attraction, or, "The Secret." These teachings are ancient and have been around for millenia... even longer. The Deity who those of Kemet attributed to the creative force of the "utterance" was, Huhi. Now, because the Hebrews read right to left as opposed to left to right as the original inhabitants of Kemet did, that spelling of Huhi became YHWH. In the english language, we generally are unable to pronounce consonants without vowels, and so, we received, YaHWeH.

The Biblical and Q'uranic texts are also stock full of examples of this Sun worship:

Psalm 84:11, "The Lord God is a 'Sun' and shield"

The "Star" of David

Revelation 3:14: "These things saith the 'Amen,' the True and Faithful witness; the beginning of the creation of God."

Koran 73:9, "Allah is Lord of the East and the West" (Make note of where the sun is seen to rise and to set)
(The word, "Allah," by the way, was written 4,000 years ago on the Nubian temple of Ptah.. far before the Islamic religion came to pass):

As well, I earlier mentioned that the 3 monotheistic religions use the word, "Amen" when referring to God at the end of prayer. Why are people praying in the name of a Kemetic Deity? Of course, I suppose it would be one thing if they knew they were doing so, but the vast majority of them do not. Have we, then, for millenia on end, been worshiping the one Sustaining Star of our Milky Way? Food for thought.

In the Order of Ma'at, Peace be on you,


Monday, January 19, 2009

The Genesis of A Miseducation

Don't worry... this blog is not religious. Religion can be dealt with somewhere else, by somebody who might otherwise be able to stomach the never ending, always enduring, sadly perpetual verbal bloodshed that seems to ooze from discussions on "reLIEgion" (somebody has to play biased, afterall). The Children of the Sun, however? Naw, we deal with Spirituality, we deal with Metaphysics, Architecture, Alchemy, Astrology, Cosmology, Geneaology, Sexuality, Biology.... the list goes on. We deal with Science: Physical, and Spiritual. The observable, and the unobservable- neither of which can be found without the other. Here's to the foundation of civilization, to the foundation of "cult"ure- if you will. Here's to their teachings, here's to our travelling teachers of old- unknown, they are STILL our teachers today. Here's to Africa, and here is to Kemet.
The Greeks were the ones who dubbed it, "Egypt," which means, "The land of burnt faces."
Those who lived there, however, referred to their land as "Kemet," which means, "Land of the Blacks."For the Greeks it is highly likely that during their STAY, of which some academics might prefer to record them as "visits" (not me), they endured their share of sunburn.
In any case, consider an old lesson in education from the Sun Children (We'll get to the heart of the concept behind "education" later):

Why were Adam and Eve booted from the Garden?

Some would say it is because they disobeyed "God" (Yeah, we'll get to this concept, too); others might say that it is because God did not want Adam and Eve to know both good And evil, or even trust them, for that matter, with such knowledge. And They might be right.

What do the Children say? The Children say that God couldn't have cared less that they ate some fruit- albeit God might have been disappointed if It was looking to save some of the fruit for Itself (fruits are like 80% H2o anyway, I don't see why It would). But, why did Cain kill Able, why did the whole of humanity require the redemption of a "savior"?

The reason is that Adam and Eve took the fruit, KNOWING- especially after eating it, as the story goes- that they had done the wrong. Instead of confessing, apologizing, and accepting the consequences of their choice... they hid. They lied. They were exposed to themselves for their wrong, and instead of showing discipline in their realization, being ashamed, they lied. God was mad because they lied. "Cleanliness is close to Godliness/Discipline is close to Godliness."
Be clean.

In the order of Ma'at. Peace be on you,