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Glyph Talk
Built before the establishment of the Dynasties, built before the Pharoah, the glyphs housed in Ancient Kemet's temples, when under the right conditions, were said to tell a tale quite of their own....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Study of the Universe: Chemistry and the Creation of the Star and its Planets

I was reading over the posts and realized that I left out the ways in which Black Holes become stars which is important because it has to do with the 7 forms of Matter.

The Mind of God condenses some of itself into Magnetism. In this stage, the Magnet, or, the Black Hole, cannot be detected. However, its affects on all the physical entities around it can be. This is because everything that enters its vicinity appears to disappear and be "sucked in." In reality, these things are not sucked in, instead, they are pulled toward the star by magnetic attraction, or, the pull of "gravity" (Gravity does not really exist. On this planet, gravity is mostly the the application of the earth's atmospheric pressure on the body, which is why, once you leave the atmosphere, gravity is not found. It is about magnetism).
In any case, to continue, because the star has not yet condensed further from its magnetic phase into its electric phase, and thus into light, and thus into Ether (which is required in order for light to be observed. Just as sound waves require air to travel, Light requires space or, ether), all the entities drawn toward the star suddenly become invisible because there is no light in the blackness of outer space for these entities to be seen. In other words, these magnetic stars form an area of complete blackness around themselves until their process nears completion.
Eventually, as condensation continues and ether is exerted, then the light of the star becomes visible. In the case of a planet (the first one in the universe only) created before the star, the light then emits electrical waves to that planet. In all other cases where the planets come after the sun, the sun begins to rotate on its axis as it continues to condense further, and it throws off gases (formed by the Ether) out into space, though they only go as far as the star's magnetic pull will allow.

Although the process is quite violent, eventually, these gases reach stability away from the star and condense further into liquids and solids, forming planets. The star, in the meantime, eventually stabilizes and stops condensing, and also stops throwing off gases. At this point, the entire star system becomes stable, although for a time, the planets are still forming.
And that is pretty much that. Any questions, just post 'em.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Study of the Universe: Chemistry and the Formation of Ether

Okay, my friends, this is it..
Modern Science only classifies matter in three forms: Solids, Liquids, and Gases. However, as I mentioned before, though that is correct, there is more to the story.
The Consciousness of the One Person (all the united people of the previous universe: This union has to do with the Carbon-Melanin relationship as well, but that will be a later post, okay?) condenses into 7, as mentioned earlier, not just 3, forms of matter.
The first condensation is that of which becomes the substance called Magnetism.
Magnetism condenses into Electricity, and Electricity into Light, and Light into Ether. Ether being the environment/blackness surrounding and housing the star systems/atoms/and yes, the human race.

Gases, Liquids, and Solids condense in the three stages out of the Ether, and that is what we have on this planet, these three forms.
Over trillions of years, these substances form the other star systems of a universe. Which, in essence, means that the earth is trillion of years old, surviving through a constant cycle of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction. Before this earth, we had Tiamat/Tiama'at, as far as my knowledge goes. But I do not know more than this.

You see, the Mind, though VERY REAL, is not tangible, is it? We cannot objectively analyze it, can we? "God" (a term I am learning to hate because I have already explained its origins in the sequences of the Sun charted by the Hebrews of Africa and so the term itself has no real importance) is infinite in Eternity, not in Creation. The objective here is to duplicate this infinity- as it is understood in Eternity- through the universe. Infinite really means "unfinishable," if that is a word. And Creation will go on for Eternity because you cannot have a final and finished form of "Consciousness." It is a lot to stomach, even for me. The point is, and we always revert to the purpose of education. The Mind, though it is no-thing (not a "thing", not tangible) is the source of all things. Consciousness (another name, actually, for Melanin) is the source of all things.
The mind of our ancestors created everything out of the First Magnetic Law of Attraction (The Golden Rule/Karma) which attracts like to like. They condensed their mind in this specific way in order to lay the foundations/provide the base of compounds which we would use to start things over, to run society and hence the world, once again. And there in lies the difference between the African and European science. It was not a Random set of events, it was a Master Plan, albeit with unplanned experiments. But all the experiments, though Random, still constitute and follow a Balanced Order.

In the Order of Ma'at,

Study of the Universe: Chemistry and the Second Law of Magnetic Attraction

Okay, so we have covered the First Law.
The Second Law of Magnetic Attraction attracts not like to like, but unlike to unlike, thus, forming molecules which cluster together and form compounds. Let us take an abundant one and make an example. How about water? H2O. That means two star systems/atoms with 1 planet/electron coming together and also attracting one star system/atom with 8 planets/electrons (the element called Oxygen). Basically, you have the First Law working in 100 different ways (the star systems/atoms from Hydrogen to Fermium) and the Second Law working in infinite ways (the man-made, temporary compounds of the table after the 100th element, Fermium, which disintegrate basically as soon as they hit the air or atmosphere). This Second Law is what creates EVERYTHING! Like, for example, a book, or a soft drink, or a ring, and, yes, even Human Beings.

Now, what I have said in relation to the Modern theory of "Creation" may shirk you (as it did me some time ago) because you will realize its truth. I said that the universe is really no more than the one new, still forming, planet earth at its every new inception. So, that is where the modern lie of the Big Bang comes from (their version of it). They say that the universe at its inception was no bigger than a small ball which then EXPLODED with such force that it filled the rest of the universe with stars and planets. So, there it is. At the beginning of each universe there really is only just the one forming earth made of the atoms (star systems) of the previous universes from the perspective of the only One Person (Consciousness/God) that there is. So modern science (which is complex and so less advanced) is in line with ancient science (which is simple and thus more advanced). However, modern science complicates things to such a point that there appears to be no real answers.... THAT is the greatest myth. There are ALWAYS answers, there are ALWAYS absolute Truths.

What does this mean? It means that science is proposing what they know cannot be true. If every universe is created out of the atoms of the first, then each successive universe must always be bigger than the last. Therefore, if it is jut a ball which explodes, then you do not have any more matter than you originally started with. So this explosion which creates more and more star systems is really nothing but a theory not to be taken literally. You can only increase if you add matter which was not there previously, which means you have to make it out of nothing.... what in the universe is powerful enough to accomplish such a feat?... Where do these new star systems come from?...

Study of the Universe: Chemistry and the First Law of Magnetic Attraction

Hello readers,

Okay. Today we get a little bit deeper into the study of Physics and Astronomy by studying Chemistry, their complement. I had spoken earlier about atoms being star systems of previous universes... not metaphorically, but in actual fact. Of course you may have found loopholes, but I will attempt to fill those holes today, cool?
First of all, the Periodic table of elements has two sections. One section gives the atomic description of the 100 elements. These elements are those whose structure cannot be broken down further, they are not man-made. They are here because they ARE, like hydrogen, for example.
The second section gives us the atomic description of various compounds forged from these elements. But they are "compounds," hence, they can be broken down further.

Now remember, atoms are star systems, and electrons are planets. In the universe, there are 100 types of star systems.. and there are 100 types of elements. The star systems are organized by how many planets orbit the star. So, a type 1 star system has 1 planet which orbits it. A type 2 star system is orbited by two planets, so on and so forth up to Type 100.
Toward the end of a Universe, these star systems cluster together according to one of the seven cosmological laws: The Law of Attraction/The Law of Magnetic Attraction. This law states that type 1 star systems be attracted to type 1 star systems, and 2 and 2, and on and on.

Remember when I said that all the star systems, at the end of the universe, become the atoms forming the new earth? Well, the Type 1's come together and form, on the new earth, the gas referred to as Hydrogen. Very light, very unstable, as there are not many electrons (planets) to keep it from mixing/reacting with other elements. In the same way, all type 2's come together and form Helium. Also very light, and so it floats above the ground, just as hydrogen and form water and our atmosphere. Some of the elements are heavier, such as the metals like Gold, which sink into the new earth as opposed to float.

So, before I continue on to the second post here about the Second Law of Magnetic Attraction, we should review. Star systems (star and planets/nucleus and electron) cluster together at the end of a universe in order to form those atoms and compounds which constitute the new planet of the new Creation. These atoms are what form the elements of our Periodic Table. (It is very intricate and also involves the roles of Melanin and Carbon (The Black substance, "Kam"
which is the base of "Kem"istry) and their role in the formation of new stars and star systems, but this cannot all be tackled in a single post. You would be reading for weeks.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Study of the Universe: Principles of Physics and Astronomy Part 4

This is not really a post, I just want to conclude this mini-series on the Study of Physics and Astronomy (Science).

You see, it is about cycles. Life is about cycles. In a cycle, there is change, but the change ends with the death of the cycle, but the death of the cycle is really just the life of another, and hence, it is another change. We have flowers and vegetation, we have trees, and we have human beings. All of these things plant their seeds as they change and prepare for the end of their cycle, and in fact the planting of their seeds is a part of the cycle. So there is no end, and effectively, there is also no beginning, because the end point is the beginning. Studying the zodiac or even earthly equinox's will reveal the same thing; and studying the life and death of stars will reveal the same thing; and in fact, studying hisory will reveal the same thing, too. WE are the only exception, as we have free will, and do not have to plant our seeds. However, that is where soul mates (which are a scientific Truth that I will post on later) and Love prove our divinity and effectual immortality. Because Love, which we cannot avoid, and neither plan for or against, holds the balance of our Divine cycle.

Atoms and electrons do not really exist. They are remnants of our founding or previous universe, and so on and so forth. The universe expands as it is being created and as it fulfills its purpose, and then as its Consciousness (the collective minds of ALL the people in it once it has been fully inhabited) or Mind ascends (think of it as an out of body experience) to its heights and above it, then it becomes as small as a planet, and all its stars and planets are as small as atoms and electrons. The universe thus plants its seed,
and we begin again.


Study of the Universe: Principles of Physics and Astronomy Part 3

If the Universe is made of star systems, and star systems are made of atoms, then atoms are the original star systems, deductively, correct?
From the Atom and Electron,
To the Earth and Planets,
To the Star and the Nucleus,
To the Solar system and the Universe.

This is the process of creation from bottom to the top. In later posts I will discuss the formation, core, and composition of stars as they relate to "Chaos/Change" which is otherwise known as Melanin.
Stars and planets exist in Seven (I will post later, as well, on the significance of the number 7) forms of matter, these are: Magnetism, Electricity, Light, Ether, Gases, Liquids, and Solids. Ether being the most important, as it is the foundation for the temporal-spatial existence of the other six, being the composition of outer space (the Black space itself, not what exists within it). Ether is the house (Ether also relates to melanin and Carbon, as Carbon is the most prevalent element in the Universe. 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons... 666, sound familiar? According to your DNA, you are either a Carbon being, or you a Carbon-based being-- it matters).

Stars are primarily a magnetic, electrical, and light body. Just as the Earth (As above, so below), all major bodies in outer space have magnetic polarity/poles. The earth has the North and the South pole, in this respect. It is the polarities of these poles which give rise to Protons. A Proton is not a particle or body as a planet/electron is, they are an energy resulting from the polarity of the star/nucleus.

Now, the substances which compose the Star: Hydrogen, Helium, Melanin, etc. are under the influence of this magnetism/magnetic field as well, and this interaction is what gives rise to the entity known as the Neutron. So, both the neutron and proton arise from the influence of the star's (nucleus's) magnetic field/magnetic poles on the elements constituting its make-up and only give the illusion of movement when studied on an electronic scale.

I have posted on the topic of Astronomy and Physics to help foster the understanding of the relationship which exists between our planet and the universe, and our physical with our spiritual. Remember the post on the "Big Bang?" Well, in it I briefly mentioned intergalactic travel and the collision of Nibiru with the planet Tiamat/Tiama'at, and the construction of our planet and star system from the collapse of a previous planet, "Aum"...... That's right. The atoms composing the current planet are the previous star systems of previous universes which are in a perpetual cycle of collapsing and formation.. no beginning, no end, 360degrees. This world is based on the primordial worlds existing before and before and before it. Well... based on African Science. The underlying principle of the Universe, is Change, is metamorphosis. And we, individually, and eventually collectively, constitute the Consciousness which allows for this metamorphosis which begins with the electron (planet/earth) and ends with the universe (atoms). Effectively, you have eternity/infinity because the end point is the beginning point... In other words, Atoms don't really exist- they are our founding star systems and thus leftovers of our founding universe.


Study of the Universe: Principles of Physics and Astronomy Part 2

Modern science measures our solar system to be 7,900 million miles across (look it up), or, 7,900,000,000 miles. Our earth is measured by modern science to be 7,900 miles across (that is, in diameter). That gives us a proportion of a solar system which is one million times the distance of the planet earth. This means that, if the solar system is one million times the size of earth, then the atom (at least on average, but of course, star systems will vary in size just as atoms will, and so, this is a holistically real and accurate measurement) is one million times the size of the electron. Is this true?

Modern science once again gives the average measurement of the atom, which is said to be about one-quarter millionth (1/4 millionth) of an inch across. The average measurement of the electron is given to be one-quarter trillionth (11/4 trillionth) of an inch across. This gives us a ratio of Star to Planet that is equivalent to that of Atom to Electron.

This is how Science and Spirituality are considered to be one and the same in the African educational system- not science and religion; as religion is put in place to turn to mush the scientific mind and convert it to dogma, therefore, religion and science cannot be reconciled in Western notions of thinking, because here, religion is equated with spirituality when it should not be because religion is spirituality used for the enslavement of the mind. This is the reason that the Zodiac and the construction of monuments such as the Pyramids were significant, they were the ancient microscopes; it was their way to study the laws of the Earth by studying the laws of the Cosmos: As above, so below. Physics is the study of Astronomy on a microcosmic scale.

Now, if the universe is composed of star systems (atoms), and the earth is composed of atoms (star systems) then one can conclude that the earth is a mini-universe. Taking this further (and I will not, but, now we can begin thinking from a freed perspective), it is possible to discover the size of the universe, which has no end, but is not infinte, just as you will not find the end of the earth (because it is a sphere), though the earth does not cover an infinite distance.

Next, we will discuss the significance of polarity and its relation to protons and neutrons.

Study of the Universe: Principles of Physics and Astronomy

Hello again, readers.
And I should promise, for as long as this blog lasts, to never again leave such an extensive period of time between posts. Now that school is finishing up, I will have more time to focus on this blog.

Today I would like to discuss something that, once again, our current notions of history have hid from us, in order to keep us in the dark about the true origins of things. This discussion will concern itself with the laws and principles governing Physics and Astronomy, which, believe it or not, are exactly the same thing; Physics being the microcosm of Astronomy, and all things to do with the laws of Physics are a purposeful insight into the underlying laws governing the stars, planets, and our entire universe. So, the first thing to do, is define:

The study of Physics is the study of the laws and principles governing atoms and electrons (the laws governing matter).
The study of Astrology is the study of the laws and principles governing the stars and the planets (the laws governing star systems).

What is the connection? The connection can be found in Western society in the form of the A-bomb. In Kemet and elsewhere, in the form of the nucleus. The nucleus of every atom, is in fact, literally, a sun. The nucleus is a star. And if the nucleus is in fact a star, then what does that make of electrons? Electrons are planets.

If you were to study the atom under a microscope, you would see that electrons actually orbit its nucleus in exactly the same manner in which planets orbit a star. In the same way that the magnetic pull of our sun can trap other planets (rocks) into its orbit, the nucleus can do the same with other electrons.

Every given atom can be found to be in the same structure as a given solar (star) system, the only difference between the two is size. The reason scientists will never find the smallest particle of which matter is composed is because if the solar system is an atom, then atoms themselves are made of atoms. If the earth is an electron, then electrons themselves are made of electrons. The math behind this and the significance of protons and neutrons will be reserved for the next post.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Metaphysics of Sex Series: The Womb-Man

What is a Woman? What does the Woman mean to us? We need to ask ourselves... do we really know, have we taken a moment at any time to sit reflect on it? Have we accepted the notion of womanhood as part of a 50/50 game of chance taking place during conception? WHY a woman, what does that mean? I do not presume to know more about womanhood than any of you- especially being that I am a male, but, a Man is a Woman's counterpart, and vice versa. If you are a Man, you CANNOT know who you are unless you know what a Woman is, and what that means. If you are a Woman, you CANNOT know who you are unless you know what a Man is, and what that means. To me, that is obvious enough. We were created as one or the other to be able to share in the dynamic that exists between the Man and the Woman. Without it, we would not have manifested here, correct? So, lets take a minute to think about what the Woman means.

Women operate on a higher vibration, a higher wavelength with the rest of the Universe, in retrospect, actually, they are probably (actually, most certainly!!) a superior entity. The Man has 7 orifices into the body, while you have 9- this is significant as a metaphysical concept. You are in greater harmony with the wavelength (Nine Ether) that operates throughout the Universe. You know, when you walk down the street and see a stranger, and sometimes you are able to communicate with that stranger- a near conversation at times- by a simple gesture or look of the eye. That wavelength. So, to the girls, the next time you feel someone's pain and it causes you pain to the point of tears, you do not need to feel ashamed. It is not a sign of weakness. Maybe, it is instead a sign of strength. Asking questions like this is what it means to have a "Scientific" mind- which is the most Open of minds that there is.

Lets look at the word, "Woman." Often, and here is why religion (not Spirituality) in my mind, needs to be condemned. This word does NOT denote that you are "of" Man, or a result of the Man coming first, as some religions would have you be-lie-eve. The word "Woman" denotes a Man with a Womb. A Womb-man. Is this important? Well, if you think about it, the Woman is like a vessel of Time travel. Through her we are able to manifest and procure a place in the future by the succession and re-birth of ourselves into the next generation. Through women we are able to perpetuate the advancement of our civilization(s), AND our genus, by the successive accumulation of Knowledge, and through that knowledge continue our Growth and our Mastery over our Individual selves. Women have the power to choose and reject what is going to be manifest in the future. As homo sapiens, we need to start recognizing that the manifestation of our own destiny is the metaphysical principle behind the physical principle of Selective Breeding. Women are the out-drawers of our (collective) potential. It is not that women are necessarily weaker than men, they are weaker physically, and perhaps there is a reason for that. Maybe that is the case because they do not need to have that type of strength, our power is drawn out by them and placed into the hands of Men to implement. It seems to be that there is significance in our need for one another, in other words, that dependence MEANS something more than what is physically pereceptible. Something that we have yet to really figure out, or maybe something that we have forgotten.......
Who knows? :)

A Woman's choice of a mate is not a blind devotion to an otherwise senseless law which demands that we pass on our seed. It is a choice which has REAL UNIVERSAL, SPIRITUAL, and METAPHYSICAL implications. It is part of a Spiritual Science. Physical science is meaningless and stupid to pursue without the other as your starting purpose- you will never gain the Right Knowledge of Why ANYTHING "IS" without it. This is why Kemit was a highpoint of human civilization, as you will slowly see, and civilizations outside of it thought that this planet was flat and Man was capable of falling off of it until as late as 1492! This is because the wrong questions were being asked, and the wrong questions were being asked because there was an err in their standpoint toward Learning.

Now, I have not answered the question of what a woman is or what it means to be one, because I do not know, but at least now we can begin considering these things for ourselves from the standpoint of an inherited Divine responsibility. It is about far more than choosing a mate with the resources to enable us to better potentially care for and maintain our children. Women (and Men) must understand how important we are in relation to the status of our sex. Perhaps the Lock of a Woman is not to yield to the Key of just any Man-- perhaps not every Key will fit....
So, perhaps, we've gotta search.

"Man, Know Thyself." Hotep (peace).

The Metaphysics of Sex Series: Introduction


Hello, and I am sorry for taking so long for the creation of another post. There has been plenty on my mind, and today I am going to discuss some of those things.... Know Thyself.

So, how do we begin to Know Thyself? Well, here is a good place perhaps to begin. First of all, WHO are you? Do not think your name, for you did not even give that to yourself. Do not say what you do for work, as that is just a title. Every living being, every living cycle, in the physical plane is a manifestation of Meaning. Science, as we are familiar with it, is very good at explaining HOW... but it is not as proficient at explaining WHY. Think about this. We know how plants grow, but WHY is it designed in such a way that they are needed, or that makes them significant- is there a reason- or was it an accident that just "is?" We may understand the composition of Light and Wetness, therefore understanding how we come to perceive them, but WHY do we have light and wetness- do they Mean anything?

WHY...... "IS" sex? What is the significance of the Lock and the Key? Is there a significance, or is sex simply the result of a biological necessity to pass on our seed? Why do we need to recreate ourselves? Why is that drive so POWERFUL? What does that drive MEAN? We know what the physical premise of sex is and we certainly like it more than we place emphasis on our knowledge about it-- I'll admit it, I do, hell yea. We know HOW it is performed, and for most people, that is enough. Shit, usually for ME that is enough, I ain't gonna lie to you. But, WHY? WHY IS SEX? Remember some of your sexual experiences and I am certain that most of you... if us dudes were doing our job, lol (no but seriously!)... will concede to the fact that Sex is rooted in more than just a physical understanding of how and why we have it. Come, let us challenge ourselves to OVERstand it.

Let us investigate.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Creation Series: The Biggest Bang Part 1

24,000,000,000, there was a Big Bang.
But this was not the Big Bang that began the expansion of the Universe, or even this specific Universe, or this side of the Universe. That Big Bang did occur, but it was an original, and took place around 76,000,000,000,000 years ago as the result of the expanding and then collapsing of a universe, when a small dot, or "Nuqta" exploded, a collision of matter and anti-matter. The Big Bang which I am referring to and which began the expansion of our specific System, as above, happened much much later.

Our own Milky Way was created when a massive sun, which the Ancient's called, "Sal," collapsed and exploded. There was a large, active planet called, "Aum" which got caught in Sal's gravitational pull and explosion. Aum was a planet which contained all of the matter which would form the planets, moons, etc. of our Milky Way today. It was also just one of nineteen planets that revolved around the bigger star, Sal. This ancient "theory" is supported by some of academia today who have attempted to research further into the history of the Milky Way. I myself should have bookmarked the article which supported many of these claims but in my excitement, I did not. You can still Google it, I'm sure. Put in, "lifespan of the sun" or "history of the Milky Way" or something, the right link(s) will eventually pop up.

This planet in turn got caught in the explosion of Sal and itself exploded again, giving us our conception of the continuous "expansion" of the universe, and as well giving rise to the gases and matter which formed our current Milky Way and all its planets, as well as our sun which was called, "Shamush," or "Haylius." The other 19 planets were hurled off into further sections of outer space and formed other galactic systems.

This is also where the Kemetic word for nature, "Aun", came about. It was a part of the original triad of suns: Sal, Aum, and Aun. (I do not know much about Aun, but should I learn of it, I will post on it). The Star, Sal, was named after its ruler, "Sal/Sol" whose wife was "Arianne." Giving us the name Salarinna, or, Solarinna, or, shortened further, Solar. How can a Sun have a ruler though, right? That gets a little bit complicated....

So, that is some background on the Big Bangs which have occured. They are part of an on going chain of events- think of them as experiments in a master plan. There is no such thing as a random occurence in a chain of events. A chain of events occurs not because of coincidence, but because every event has a previous cause, not a previous coincidence. There have not been one, but several- and they are not theories. Contact is a fact, like the sperm hitting the ovum. In any case, what you're about to read in the next post is the really crazy shit.

Creation Series: The Biggest Bang Part 3

Now do not quote me on this but I believe that this passing of Nibiru is also coinciding with the coming of the planet's next Equinox shift or the next Equinox Age- the entering into of the Pisces age, I believe (or it could be the evolving from it, one or the other).

An Equinox occurs every 26000 or so (give or take, it ranges from 24,000,000,000 to 26,000,000,000 years depending on whether you are discussing an Earthly or Universal Revolution (you can look it up, if you wish). In our case, we are discussing Earthly, but that varies within a similar time frame as well for reasons to do with the planet's axial tilt and so forth. Let's say an average of 25,000 years, to be safe, for the completing of an Equinox. It can also be recorded in a series of 4 cycles: Sun, Moon, Sun, Moon; each lasting 6,000 years for a total of 24,000 years. Therefore, you have 24,000 years divided by 12 which gives you 2,000 per each age of the zodiak (which was created in Kemet to record the revolution(revolving) of the Stars (stars are actually stationary unless they are "wandering stars" or something like that, and are very few in number, but the earth revolves and so they appear to move, too) or Planets which they observed with very simple- seeming tools (of which I forget the name, PLEASE remind me to tell you so you can look it up for yourselves, okay?). The end of the 12 constellations of the zodiak is the equivalent of one revolution (360 degrees- like the sun... see the pattern) of the universe. One complete circle, no beginning, or end.

But, remind me by posts or however to write on Universal and Earthly Cycles and Equinox's at another time. Or ask me personally and I will respond to you privately. (Equinox's also pertain to Evolution, interesting stuff!).

In any case, a visit from the Nibiru or an Equinox has the potential for serious effect on the planet. The poles may completely shift their location, North to become south and vice versa, like a flipping of the planet on its head. In fact, the passing of the Nibiru/ Equinox Revolution is the reason that our planet has been positioned on the 23 degree tilt it is on. In any case, it is expected to be accompanied by winds reaching speeds at a minimum of 300 m/h, severe earthquakes, and "superstorms."

Or will the Anunnaqi themselves return to visit....
I know this sounds like an episode of the X-files, but I'm asking a serious question, because this is alot more real than T.V. Truth in all actuality is stranger than fiction.

Peace be on you,

Creation Series: The Biggest Bang Part 2

About 6,000 years ago in the area known today as Iraq or the Mesopotamian region was a nation called Babylon- a spin-off state of Ancient Kemet. Recently (And I did not get my information from the source of this video, but was rather surprised to find the information openly available to public scrutiny), some time in the 80's, archaeologists rediscovered, in modern day Babylon, over 25,000 tablets inscribed with information- much of it about the revolutions, functioning, and creation of our solar system that not only matches, but is far beyond the scope of knowledge of the cosmos that we have become aware of on our own. Not only was this solar system mapped out in its entirety, but also, a tenth planet in our Milky Way was mentioned.
The Babylonians recorded that Beings called the, "Anunnaqi/ Elohim Anunnaqi" or the "Neteraat" are who gave the their plethora of cosmo and astrological information. The Babylonians said that the Annunaqi came from the planet of a nearby but failed dwarf star.

This planet was identified by the Babylonians as "Nibiru." It was also called the Pa Mandjet, and it is recorded in the Ancient Kemetic Creation story that Re hovered in it (it is depicted as a boat) over the planet earth,
Genesis 1:1: "The earth was formless and void, darkness covered the face of the deep, and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters."

The Annunaqi said that Nibiru ran retrograde (In opposition to our planetary alignment), and passed between the 4th and 5th planets (Mars and Jupiter), Whence the Anunnaqi would return every 3600 years. In fact, they told the Babylonians, or Sumerians, that 24,000,000,000 the Nibiru, which they explained to be a craft under their control, collided with a former version of this planet called Tiamat (or, Qi). The explosion caused the eventual converging of planetary matter which, over a further period of time and another Big Bang which occured about 13,000,000,000 years ago would form "Eridu," or, the planet we call Earth. The initial destruction of Tiamat also resulted in the formation of the Asteroid Belt.

Scientists have discovered this tenth planet and have identified it as Planet X. In fact, the planet is very close to the fulfilling of the revolution in which it passes through our plane of motion. Indeed, it has scientists very worried. The planet is much bigger than earth and will disrupt the polar alignment of many planets in our Milky Way... especially ours.
Scientists are in a big cabubble about how to hide this information from the public as a measure of avoiding panic, for they expect, and have scientific evidence, for many of the shock's that will occur to life on the Earth's surface on the day the planet is scheduled to pass through, December 21st, 2012. They say that 2/3 of the Earth's population could be wiped out as a result of the consequences of the new alignment of our North and South poles up until February of 2014.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Computer Chip

Hello Readers,

I thought that today I would talk a little bit about something which I referred to in my last article on the Bohemian Grove that probably sounded a little bit far-fetched (I know, basically everything in this blog falls into that unfortunate category, but some articles seem to do so more so than others- even from my perspective) and so I decided to get to it as quickly as possible. This was on the issue of the Computer Chip and its Kemetic origins, or possible Kemetic origins, you can decide for yourselves. Nothing is new under the Sun, they say... so bear with me.

The model for our modern day computer chip was found to reside in the architectural structure of the Temple of Horus (Haru) at Edfu in modern day Kemet (Egypt, but I will say Kemet from now, y'all follow me, right? Same geographic area, cool?). I will post a link to the original article at the end of this post so you can see and investigate it for yourselves.

Basically, the Inner Sanctuary which is located at the eastern end of the temple has a structure akin to the interior of a CPU (Look, you can even see the ridges on the far left side of the diagram and match them with the cpu!!). As you can see in the picture (the images at the top which say, "CPU") the inner sanctuary is surrounded by several chambers, a Vestibule, and the Naos which contains a statue of the Deity Haru, in essence, the most important part of the temple. The chambers surrounding the sanctuary were used for the storing of ritualistic information (perhaps stemming from the kabal or texts prescribing the procedural and spiritual aspects of the ritual and of Haru Itself.) Now, in the CPU there are segments called registers which are used to store information as well.

The next inner chamber is called the Vestible, or, "A course for giving access." In the logic centres of cpu's outer sections of a microprocessor are offered access to the Control Unit.

The Naos is the centre of the temple (wherein you find the statue) and, at least symbolically, controls and works with the dynamics of ritual and tradition, as the Control Unit of a cpu works in conjunction with the microprocessors that surround it. If you look closely, you can see that at the bottom right hand corner of the sanctuary are what look like mini circuit chips.

The next area of the sanctuary is the Offering Hall which was supposed to contain items brought to it from the Second Hypostle Hall. The cpu's cache contains data which is to be brought from an outside source as well-- the Bios Chip.


A Bios chip, if one looks closely, can be seen to appear as a gadget with ridges extending from it which the chip's body are placed on. In the same way, the word, "Hypostle" means "a roof resting on columns or rows of columns."
The function of the bios chip is the booting of a cpu system. It ensures all attachments are in their correct order and transfers control to the bios and loads the program or programs to be used in the RAM.
The function of the Hypostle hall was to prepare the temple for the worship of the Deity and the rituals to be performed thereof. Control of the temple is, for a short time, transferred to this Hall in preparation (so, just before or just as) for the ritual worship. It also brings this tradition of celebration (or, a program) to those in the outer Hypostle Hall who are not yet skilled enough or yet of enough merit or age to be in the inner sanctuary as the ritual is being performed.


This post was supposed to be short, and since the next sections of it are supposed to be shorter, I am going to quote some information directly from the link I am giving you,

"Random Access Memory is a short term memory used to temporarily hold programs to be used by a computer. In the case of the temple, "the computer" is Egyptian Civilization and the "program" is a celebration held in the outer hypostyle hall for those not qualified or required to be in the inner sanctuary or are temporary members."

than paraphrasing, isn't it? I'm not a computer whiz by any stretch... I am the opposite, in fact. So writing out this terminology is a big bore, but the stuff is damn interesting, so excuse my laziness this one time.


Last one,

The open courtyard of this temple has several pillars surrounding it inside of a wall on three sides. A socket which is used to hold a co-processor chip (or Floating Point Unit) on a computer motherboard would be a logical comparison to this area if the "pillars" are interpreted as "holes" and the open area is the hollowed out area of the "socket."

As I've mentioned before, Kemet is a mason state of the previous civilization(s) which were, in the remote past, far more advanced. The pyramids and most of the temples themselves were not built at the order nor at the time of the Pharoahs, but much before. So, the design of this temple and, if you look at the link, the glyph of ancient technology which strangely resembles some of what we have today must have come from an earlier civilization, perhaps Eridu or Lumeria (ask me about it privately if you wish).

In any case, I thought that this information might catch the eyes of people who are more technologically inclined than I am. Cuz I ain't big with computers but the damn thing still stunned me. Click the title of this post, it will bring you to the link as I promised. Check this out and investigate further for your own education. Peace be on all of you,


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Bohemian Grove

Initially, I was hesitant to touch on this subject unless I was asked about it specifically. However, I did figure that eventually the subject of Masonry would come up, along with its affiliations as a word or concept commonly overheard by curious ears and just as often dismissed as some type of conspiracy theory. In reality, Masonry is a very real concept and about as far away from conspiracy theory as you can get. This article will talk a little bit about Masonry as a means of offering an overstanding (or understanding, if that is what is better comprehended) on the Bohemian Grove- which I was also hesitant to touch on because it is a peripheral issue in relation to Ancient Kemet; but Masonry, and so also the Bohemian Grove, are topics that find their grounding with the teachings, and as well as with the destruction, of the Land of the Blacks.

Kemet itself was a spin-off or "Masonic" state of a former society known as the Order of the Two Horns which is ancestral to Kemet, being the base of Kemetic knowledge-- which was actually the peak of homo sapien civilization-- at least in terms of spiritual science. However, arcane and physical sciences that are no longer part of the transmission of knowledge were also practiced in Kemet: gene splicing, alchemy, manipulation of the weather, etc. At one point, Kemet even operated without a policing or judicial system, for its people operated on a heightened spiritual level based on unity with the Source and the Divinity of Ma'at. Modern day computer chips, even, are in fact modelled after the design of the Kemetic Temples- in terms of aesthetics and also the organization of the sharing of knowledge (Ask me to write on this another time).

When I say Masonic I only mean that Kemet was a state that "built" on what a former Order had already established. This Order travelled the planet and were the first to teach Spirituality, Math, and Science to humanity. Their name, "Two Horn" (although this also has a deeper universal origin which involves other galaxies and celestial significances) stems from the food that they ate while in North East Africa, the now extinct Auroch originally prevelant in parts of Asia, Europe, and Africa, of course.

Again, sorry to leave things short, but I will talk further on the Order and the history of Masonry another time. The basic gyst is that this Order is the first Fraternity, and eventually oaths of secrecy came into play as the knowledge travelled further and further from the state. These oaths involved "pledges." Like a modern day fraternity does.

The inauguration ceremony of George Washington into the Presidency was also a masonic ritual. The Statue of "Liberty" has nothing to do with liberty. It is a masonic symbol stemming from Ancient Babylon representative of their divine trinity of Nimrod, Neleus, and Queen Samirimis. Queen Samirimis was depicted as a dove. The latin word for dove is columbo/a. The next time you watch a movie and see, "Tristar Columbia" with the picture of a certain and familiar statue underneath it, remember what you've read here. So, the U.S.A was built on the foundations of something which came before it, and I do not mean like Europe to Greece or The United States to Europe. I am not discussing geographic foundations, but knowledge foundations. For Knowledge is civilization.

Now it was recently blown wide open by a reporter named Alex Jones (David Icke as well, I believe. Look it up if your interested) that the most powerful members of the United States along with those elsewhere on the planet who direct and manipulate the world economy were found to gather annually at the Bohemian Grove in California.
Here, a Masonic ritual (just one of the many they have their members perform) involving mock human sacrifice is carried out. Dressed in robes, the men sacrifice a Black child to the Canaanite deity, Molloch. Molloch is represented as a bull or an owl or some type of horned (...cough) beast.

Even worse, the men engage in rampant acts of gross homosexuality (not that there is anything wrong with this, but these are the conservative "Christians" that pervade the American political system, "In God we trust." Remember my article on the "GOD" concept? Yeah, unfortunately, things are that serious. I will write on Christianity and its true origins another time- for this subject is VERY important.)

Just WHAT in the hell are our political and world leaders doing at the Bohemian Grove engaging in these practices?

Food for thought.

In the Order of Ma'at, Peace be on you,


Thursday, January 22, 2009

The "GOD" Concept

Where and when was this notion of "God" established?

In Kemet, the sun was worshipped, but the deity was not a pagan one, as some scholars might have you believe.
It was worshipped symbolically as the Sustainer of Life. Without the sun, everything on the planet would die- and this is true for life in any given galaxy, in any given solar system. "Sol" (meaning the Sun) is from where the word "Soul" is derived. This sustainer of life was also seen- and in fact still is, as you will read shortly, the representative of the Kemetic Supreme Deity, Re.

Try not to think of a Supreme Deity as simply a mythic concept, the Sarcophogus's of many "Deities" have been found. So, at one time they did in fact live. They are ancestors who have died and so been removed from the physical plane. In a way, though not quite the same, some of us are supreme beings, too, but, that is for another discussion.

The sun, as observed by those of Kemet, traversed through three phases. The Morning Phase (Atum-Re [from Atum we can also trace Atom or Adam or Adamah-- get to that another time]); the Noon Phase (Atun-Re); and lastly the Evening Phase (called, Amun-Re). Some of you may recognize this word, Amun. It has travelled through all the world's languages and can be found as Amun (it's original); Amon, Amiyn, or, the Amen, which the world's 3 main monotheistic religions repeat at the end of prayer, most of them never being told the real reason why.

So, these names for the phases of the sun also correspond to 3 symbolic Hebrew words or phrases pertaining to the Deity's traits. They are, as follows:

3 Phases (Does, "Trinity," ring a bell?):
For the Morning Phase: "Dabar" which means, Wisdom, or, the Word.
For the Noon Phase : "Oz" which means, Strength.
For the Evening Phase : "Gomer" which means, Beautiful.

As you can see, the acronym for these phrases is, "God." Put together, the word God was symbolic for the understanding that, "The Word is Strength and Beauty." Those who have studied the Bible, or the "By Bill," or any other religious text will recognize the allusion to the Word and Its power to manifest Itself. The power of the Word is derived from the power of thought, which becomes utterance. A thought which is spoken has the power to Be. This understanding of the gift and power of words is also referred to as the Law of Attraction, or, "The Secret." These teachings are ancient and have been around for millenia... even longer. The Deity who those of Kemet attributed to the creative force of the "utterance" was, Huhi. Now, because the Hebrews read right to left as opposed to left to right as the original inhabitants of Kemet did, that spelling of Huhi became YHWH. In the english language, we generally are unable to pronounce consonants without vowels, and so, we received, YaHWeH.

The Biblical and Q'uranic texts are also stock full of examples of this Sun worship:

Psalm 84:11, "The Lord God is a 'Sun' and shield"

The "Star" of David

Revelation 3:14: "These things saith the 'Amen,' the True and Faithful witness; the beginning of the creation of God."

Koran 73:9, "Allah is Lord of the East and the West" (Make note of where the sun is seen to rise and to set)
(The word, "Allah," by the way, was written 4,000 years ago on the Nubian temple of Ptah.. far before the Islamic religion came to pass):

As well, I earlier mentioned that the 3 monotheistic religions use the word, "Amen" when referring to God at the end of prayer. Why are people praying in the name of a Kemetic Deity? Of course, I suppose it would be one thing if they knew they were doing so, but the vast majority of them do not. Have we, then, for millenia on end, been worshiping the one Sustaining Star of our Milky Way? Food for thought.

In the Order of Ma'at, Peace be on you,


Monday, January 19, 2009

The Genesis of A Miseducation

Don't worry... this blog is not religious. Religion can be dealt with somewhere else, by somebody who might otherwise be able to stomach the never ending, always enduring, sadly perpetual verbal bloodshed that seems to ooze from discussions on "reLIEgion" (somebody has to play biased, afterall). The Children of the Sun, however? Naw, we deal with Spirituality, we deal with Metaphysics, Architecture, Alchemy, Astrology, Cosmology, Geneaology, Sexuality, Biology.... the list goes on. We deal with Science: Physical, and Spiritual. The observable, and the unobservable- neither of which can be found without the other. Here's to the foundation of civilization, to the foundation of "cult"ure- if you will. Here's to their teachings, here's to our travelling teachers of old- unknown, they are STILL our teachers today. Here's to Africa, and here is to Kemet.
The Greeks were the ones who dubbed it, "Egypt," which means, "The land of burnt faces."
Those who lived there, however, referred to their land as "Kemet," which means, "Land of the Blacks."For the Greeks it is highly likely that during their STAY, of which some academics might prefer to record them as "visits" (not me), they endured their share of sunburn.
In any case, consider an old lesson in education from the Sun Children (We'll get to the heart of the concept behind "education" later):

Why were Adam and Eve booted from the Garden?

Some would say it is because they disobeyed "God" (Yeah, we'll get to this concept, too); others might say that it is because God did not want Adam and Eve to know both good And evil, or even trust them, for that matter, with such knowledge. And They might be right.

What do the Children say? The Children say that God couldn't have cared less that they ate some fruit- albeit God might have been disappointed if It was looking to save some of the fruit for Itself (fruits are like 80% H2o anyway, I don't see why It would). But, why did Cain kill Able, why did the whole of humanity require the redemption of a "savior"?

The reason is that Adam and Eve took the fruit, KNOWING- especially after eating it, as the story goes- that they had done the wrong. Instead of confessing, apologizing, and accepting the consequences of their choice... they hid. They lied. They were exposed to themselves for their wrong, and instead of showing discipline in their realization, being ashamed, they lied. God was mad because they lied. "Cleanliness is close to Godliness/Discipline is close to Godliness."
Be clean.

In the order of Ma'at. Peace be on you,