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Glyph Talk
Built before the establishment of the Dynasties, built before the Pharoah, the glyphs housed in Ancient Kemet's temples, when under the right conditions, were said to tell a tale quite of their own....

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Metaphysics of Sex Series: The Womb-Man

What is a Woman? What does the Woman mean to us? We need to ask ourselves... do we really know, have we taken a moment at any time to sit reflect on it? Have we accepted the notion of womanhood as part of a 50/50 game of chance taking place during conception? WHY a woman, what does that mean? I do not presume to know more about womanhood than any of you- especially being that I am a male, but, a Man is a Woman's counterpart, and vice versa. If you are a Man, you CANNOT know who you are unless you know what a Woman is, and what that means. If you are a Woman, you CANNOT know who you are unless you know what a Man is, and what that means. To me, that is obvious enough. We were created as one or the other to be able to share in the dynamic that exists between the Man and the Woman. Without it, we would not have manifested here, correct? So, lets take a minute to think about what the Woman means.

Women operate on a higher vibration, a higher wavelength with the rest of the Universe, in retrospect, actually, they are probably (actually, most certainly!!) a superior entity. The Man has 7 orifices into the body, while you have 9- this is significant as a metaphysical concept. You are in greater harmony with the wavelength (Nine Ether) that operates throughout the Universe. You know, when you walk down the street and see a stranger, and sometimes you are able to communicate with that stranger- a near conversation at times- by a simple gesture or look of the eye. That wavelength. So, to the girls, the next time you feel someone's pain and it causes you pain to the point of tears, you do not need to feel ashamed. It is not a sign of weakness. Maybe, it is instead a sign of strength. Asking questions like this is what it means to have a "Scientific" mind- which is the most Open of minds that there is.

Lets look at the word, "Woman." Often, and here is why religion (not Spirituality) in my mind, needs to be condemned. This word does NOT denote that you are "of" Man, or a result of the Man coming first, as some religions would have you be-lie-eve. The word "Woman" denotes a Man with a Womb. A Womb-man. Is this important? Well, if you think about it, the Woman is like a vessel of Time travel. Through her we are able to manifest and procure a place in the future by the succession and re-birth of ourselves into the next generation. Through women we are able to perpetuate the advancement of our civilization(s), AND our genus, by the successive accumulation of Knowledge, and through that knowledge continue our Growth and our Mastery over our Individual selves. Women have the power to choose and reject what is going to be manifest in the future. As homo sapiens, we need to start recognizing that the manifestation of our own destiny is the metaphysical principle behind the physical principle of Selective Breeding. Women are the out-drawers of our (collective) potential. It is not that women are necessarily weaker than men, they are weaker physically, and perhaps there is a reason for that. Maybe that is the case because they do not need to have that type of strength, our power is drawn out by them and placed into the hands of Men to implement. It seems to be that there is significance in our need for one another, in other words, that dependence MEANS something more than what is physically pereceptible. Something that we have yet to really figure out, or maybe something that we have forgotten.......
Who knows? :)

A Woman's choice of a mate is not a blind devotion to an otherwise senseless law which demands that we pass on our seed. It is a choice which has REAL UNIVERSAL, SPIRITUAL, and METAPHYSICAL implications. It is part of a Spiritual Science. Physical science is meaningless and stupid to pursue without the other as your starting purpose- you will never gain the Right Knowledge of Why ANYTHING "IS" without it. This is why Kemit was a highpoint of human civilization, as you will slowly see, and civilizations outside of it thought that this planet was flat and Man was capable of falling off of it until as late as 1492! This is because the wrong questions were being asked, and the wrong questions were being asked because there was an err in their standpoint toward Learning.

Now, I have not answered the question of what a woman is or what it means to be one, because I do not know, but at least now we can begin considering these things for ourselves from the standpoint of an inherited Divine responsibility. It is about far more than choosing a mate with the resources to enable us to better potentially care for and maintain our children. Women (and Men) must understand how important we are in relation to the status of our sex. Perhaps the Lock of a Woman is not to yield to the Key of just any Man-- perhaps not every Key will fit....
So, perhaps, we've gotta search.

"Man, Know Thyself." Hotep (peace).

The Metaphysics of Sex Series: Introduction


Hello, and I am sorry for taking so long for the creation of another post. There has been plenty on my mind, and today I am going to discuss some of those things.... Know Thyself.

So, how do we begin to Know Thyself? Well, here is a good place perhaps to begin. First of all, WHO are you? Do not think your name, for you did not even give that to yourself. Do not say what you do for work, as that is just a title. Every living being, every living cycle, in the physical plane is a manifestation of Meaning. Science, as we are familiar with it, is very good at explaining HOW... but it is not as proficient at explaining WHY. Think about this. We know how plants grow, but WHY is it designed in such a way that they are needed, or that makes them significant- is there a reason- or was it an accident that just "is?" We may understand the composition of Light and Wetness, therefore understanding how we come to perceive them, but WHY do we have light and wetness- do they Mean anything?

WHY...... "IS" sex? What is the significance of the Lock and the Key? Is there a significance, or is sex simply the result of a biological necessity to pass on our seed? Why do we need to recreate ourselves? Why is that drive so POWERFUL? What does that drive MEAN? We know what the physical premise of sex is and we certainly like it more than we place emphasis on our knowledge about it-- I'll admit it, I do, hell yea. We know HOW it is performed, and for most people, that is enough. Shit, usually for ME that is enough, I ain't gonna lie to you. But, WHY? WHY IS SEX? Remember some of your sexual experiences and I am certain that most of you... if us dudes were doing our job, lol (no but seriously!)... will concede to the fact that Sex is rooted in more than just a physical understanding of how and why we have it. Come, let us challenge ourselves to OVERstand it.

Let us investigate.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Creation Series: The Biggest Bang Part 1

24,000,000,000, there was a Big Bang.
But this was not the Big Bang that began the expansion of the Universe, or even this specific Universe, or this side of the Universe. That Big Bang did occur, but it was an original, and took place around 76,000,000,000,000 years ago as the result of the expanding and then collapsing of a universe, when a small dot, or "Nuqta" exploded, a collision of matter and anti-matter. The Big Bang which I am referring to and which began the expansion of our specific System, as above, happened much much later.

Our own Milky Way was created when a massive sun, which the Ancient's called, "Sal," collapsed and exploded. There was a large, active planet called, "Aum" which got caught in Sal's gravitational pull and explosion. Aum was a planet which contained all of the matter which would form the planets, moons, etc. of our Milky Way today. It was also just one of nineteen planets that revolved around the bigger star, Sal. This ancient "theory" is supported by some of academia today who have attempted to research further into the history of the Milky Way. I myself should have bookmarked the article which supported many of these claims but in my excitement, I did not. You can still Google it, I'm sure. Put in, "lifespan of the sun" or "history of the Milky Way" or something, the right link(s) will eventually pop up.

This planet in turn got caught in the explosion of Sal and itself exploded again, giving us our conception of the continuous "expansion" of the universe, and as well giving rise to the gases and matter which formed our current Milky Way and all its planets, as well as our sun which was called, "Shamush," or "Haylius." The other 19 planets were hurled off into further sections of outer space and formed other galactic systems.

This is also where the Kemetic word for nature, "Aun", came about. It was a part of the original triad of suns: Sal, Aum, and Aun. (I do not know much about Aun, but should I learn of it, I will post on it). The Star, Sal, was named after its ruler, "Sal/Sol" whose wife was "Arianne." Giving us the name Salarinna, or, Solarinna, or, shortened further, Solar. How can a Sun have a ruler though, right? That gets a little bit complicated....

So, that is some background on the Big Bangs which have occured. They are part of an on going chain of events- think of them as experiments in a master plan. There is no such thing as a random occurence in a chain of events. A chain of events occurs not because of coincidence, but because every event has a previous cause, not a previous coincidence. There have not been one, but several- and they are not theories. Contact is a fact, like the sperm hitting the ovum. In any case, what you're about to read in the next post is the really crazy shit.

Creation Series: The Biggest Bang Part 3

Now do not quote me on this but I believe that this passing of Nibiru is also coinciding with the coming of the planet's next Equinox shift or the next Equinox Age- the entering into of the Pisces age, I believe (or it could be the evolving from it, one or the other).

An Equinox occurs every 26000 or so (give or take, it ranges from 24,000,000,000 to 26,000,000,000 years depending on whether you are discussing an Earthly or Universal Revolution (you can look it up, if you wish). In our case, we are discussing Earthly, but that varies within a similar time frame as well for reasons to do with the planet's axial tilt and so forth. Let's say an average of 25,000 years, to be safe, for the completing of an Equinox. It can also be recorded in a series of 4 cycles: Sun, Moon, Sun, Moon; each lasting 6,000 years for a total of 24,000 years. Therefore, you have 24,000 years divided by 12 which gives you 2,000 per each age of the zodiak (which was created in Kemet to record the revolution(revolving) of the Stars (stars are actually stationary unless they are "wandering stars" or something like that, and are very few in number, but the earth revolves and so they appear to move, too) or Planets which they observed with very simple- seeming tools (of which I forget the name, PLEASE remind me to tell you so you can look it up for yourselves, okay?). The end of the 12 constellations of the zodiak is the equivalent of one revolution (360 degrees- like the sun... see the pattern) of the universe. One complete circle, no beginning, or end.

But, remind me by posts or however to write on Universal and Earthly Cycles and Equinox's at another time. Or ask me personally and I will respond to you privately. (Equinox's also pertain to Evolution, interesting stuff!).

In any case, a visit from the Nibiru or an Equinox has the potential for serious effect on the planet. The poles may completely shift their location, North to become south and vice versa, like a flipping of the planet on its head. In fact, the passing of the Nibiru/ Equinox Revolution is the reason that our planet has been positioned on the 23 degree tilt it is on. In any case, it is expected to be accompanied by winds reaching speeds at a minimum of 300 m/h, severe earthquakes, and "superstorms."

Or will the Anunnaqi themselves return to visit....
I know this sounds like an episode of the X-files, but I'm asking a serious question, because this is alot more real than T.V. Truth in all actuality is stranger than fiction.

Peace be on you,

Creation Series: The Biggest Bang Part 2

About 6,000 years ago in the area known today as Iraq or the Mesopotamian region was a nation called Babylon- a spin-off state of Ancient Kemet. Recently (And I did not get my information from the source of this video, but was rather surprised to find the information openly available to public scrutiny), some time in the 80's, archaeologists rediscovered, in modern day Babylon, over 25,000 tablets inscribed with information- much of it about the revolutions, functioning, and creation of our solar system that not only matches, but is far beyond the scope of knowledge of the cosmos that we have become aware of on our own. Not only was this solar system mapped out in its entirety, but also, a tenth planet in our Milky Way was mentioned.
The Babylonians recorded that Beings called the, "Anunnaqi/ Elohim Anunnaqi" or the "Neteraat" are who gave the their plethora of cosmo and astrological information. The Babylonians said that the Annunaqi came from the planet of a nearby but failed dwarf star.

This planet was identified by the Babylonians as "Nibiru." It was also called the Pa Mandjet, and it is recorded in the Ancient Kemetic Creation story that Re hovered in it (it is depicted as a boat) over the planet earth,
Genesis 1:1: "The earth was formless and void, darkness covered the face of the deep, and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters."

The Annunaqi said that Nibiru ran retrograde (In opposition to our planetary alignment), and passed between the 4th and 5th planets (Mars and Jupiter), Whence the Anunnaqi would return every 3600 years. In fact, they told the Babylonians, or Sumerians, that 24,000,000,000 the Nibiru, which they explained to be a craft under their control, collided with a former version of this planet called Tiamat (or, Qi). The explosion caused the eventual converging of planetary matter which, over a further period of time and another Big Bang which occured about 13,000,000,000 years ago would form "Eridu," or, the planet we call Earth. The initial destruction of Tiamat also resulted in the formation of the Asteroid Belt.

Scientists have discovered this tenth planet and have identified it as Planet X. In fact, the planet is very close to the fulfilling of the revolution in which it passes through our plane of motion. Indeed, it has scientists very worried. The planet is much bigger than earth and will disrupt the polar alignment of many planets in our Milky Way... especially ours.
Scientists are in a big cabubble about how to hide this information from the public as a measure of avoiding panic, for they expect, and have scientific evidence, for many of the shock's that will occur to life on the Earth's surface on the day the planet is scheduled to pass through, December 21st, 2012. They say that 2/3 of the Earth's population could be wiped out as a result of the consequences of the new alignment of our North and South poles up until February of 2014.