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Glyph Talk
Built before the establishment of the Dynasties, built before the Pharoah, the glyphs housed in Ancient Kemet's temples, when under the right conditions, were said to tell a tale quite of their own....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Study of the Universe: Chemistry and the Creation of the Star and its Planets

I was reading over the posts and realized that I left out the ways in which Black Holes become stars which is important because it has to do with the 7 forms of Matter.

The Mind of God condenses some of itself into Magnetism. In this stage, the Magnet, or, the Black Hole, cannot be detected. However, its affects on all the physical entities around it can be. This is because everything that enters its vicinity appears to disappear and be "sucked in." In reality, these things are not sucked in, instead, they are pulled toward the star by magnetic attraction, or, the pull of "gravity" (Gravity does not really exist. On this planet, gravity is mostly the the application of the earth's atmospheric pressure on the body, which is why, once you leave the atmosphere, gravity is not found. It is about magnetism).
In any case, to continue, because the star has not yet condensed further from its magnetic phase into its electric phase, and thus into light, and thus into Ether (which is required in order for light to be observed. Just as sound waves require air to travel, Light requires space or, ether), all the entities drawn toward the star suddenly become invisible because there is no light in the blackness of outer space for these entities to be seen. In other words, these magnetic stars form an area of complete blackness around themselves until their process nears completion.
Eventually, as condensation continues and ether is exerted, then the light of the star becomes visible. In the case of a planet (the first one in the universe only) created before the star, the light then emits electrical waves to that planet. In all other cases where the planets come after the sun, the sun begins to rotate on its axis as it continues to condense further, and it throws off gases (formed by the Ether) out into space, though they only go as far as the star's magnetic pull will allow.

Although the process is quite violent, eventually, these gases reach stability away from the star and condense further into liquids and solids, forming planets. The star, in the meantime, eventually stabilizes and stops condensing, and also stops throwing off gases. At this point, the entire star system becomes stable, although for a time, the planets are still forming.
And that is pretty much that. Any questions, just post 'em.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Study of the Universe: Chemistry and the Formation of Ether

Okay, my friends, this is it..
Modern Science only classifies matter in three forms: Solids, Liquids, and Gases. However, as I mentioned before, though that is correct, there is more to the story.
The Consciousness of the One Person (all the united people of the previous universe: This union has to do with the Carbon-Melanin relationship as well, but that will be a later post, okay?) condenses into 7, as mentioned earlier, not just 3, forms of matter.
The first condensation is that of which becomes the substance called Magnetism.
Magnetism condenses into Electricity, and Electricity into Light, and Light into Ether. Ether being the environment/blackness surrounding and housing the star systems/atoms/and yes, the human race.

Gases, Liquids, and Solids condense in the three stages out of the Ether, and that is what we have on this planet, these three forms.
Over trillions of years, these substances form the other star systems of a universe. Which, in essence, means that the earth is trillion of years old, surviving through a constant cycle of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction. Before this earth, we had Tiamat/Tiama'at, as far as my knowledge goes. But I do not know more than this.

You see, the Mind, though VERY REAL, is not tangible, is it? We cannot objectively analyze it, can we? "God" (a term I am learning to hate because I have already explained its origins in the sequences of the Sun charted by the Hebrews of Africa and so the term itself has no real importance) is infinite in Eternity, not in Creation. The objective here is to duplicate this infinity- as it is understood in Eternity- through the universe. Infinite really means "unfinishable," if that is a word. And Creation will go on for Eternity because you cannot have a final and finished form of "Consciousness." It is a lot to stomach, even for me. The point is, and we always revert to the purpose of education. The Mind, though it is no-thing (not a "thing", not tangible) is the source of all things. Consciousness (another name, actually, for Melanin) is the source of all things.
The mind of our ancestors created everything out of the First Magnetic Law of Attraction (The Golden Rule/Karma) which attracts like to like. They condensed their mind in this specific way in order to lay the foundations/provide the base of compounds which we would use to start things over, to run society and hence the world, once again. And there in lies the difference between the African and European science. It was not a Random set of events, it was a Master Plan, albeit with unplanned experiments. But all the experiments, though Random, still constitute and follow a Balanced Order.

In the Order of Ma'at,

Study of the Universe: Chemistry and the Second Law of Magnetic Attraction

Okay, so we have covered the First Law.
The Second Law of Magnetic Attraction attracts not like to like, but unlike to unlike, thus, forming molecules which cluster together and form compounds. Let us take an abundant one and make an example. How about water? H2O. That means two star systems/atoms with 1 planet/electron coming together and also attracting one star system/atom with 8 planets/electrons (the element called Oxygen). Basically, you have the First Law working in 100 different ways (the star systems/atoms from Hydrogen to Fermium) and the Second Law working in infinite ways (the man-made, temporary compounds of the table after the 100th element, Fermium, which disintegrate basically as soon as they hit the air or atmosphere). This Second Law is what creates EVERYTHING! Like, for example, a book, or a soft drink, or a ring, and, yes, even Human Beings.

Now, what I have said in relation to the Modern theory of "Creation" may shirk you (as it did me some time ago) because you will realize its truth. I said that the universe is really no more than the one new, still forming, planet earth at its every new inception. So, that is where the modern lie of the Big Bang comes from (their version of it). They say that the universe at its inception was no bigger than a small ball which then EXPLODED with such force that it filled the rest of the universe with stars and planets. So, there it is. At the beginning of each universe there really is only just the one forming earth made of the atoms (star systems) of the previous universes from the perspective of the only One Person (Consciousness/God) that there is. So modern science (which is complex and so less advanced) is in line with ancient science (which is simple and thus more advanced). However, modern science complicates things to such a point that there appears to be no real answers.... THAT is the greatest myth. There are ALWAYS answers, there are ALWAYS absolute Truths.

What does this mean? It means that science is proposing what they know cannot be true. If every universe is created out of the atoms of the first, then each successive universe must always be bigger than the last. Therefore, if it is jut a ball which explodes, then you do not have any more matter than you originally started with. So this explosion which creates more and more star systems is really nothing but a theory not to be taken literally. You can only increase if you add matter which was not there previously, which means you have to make it out of nothing.... what in the universe is powerful enough to accomplish such a feat?... Where do these new star systems come from?...

Study of the Universe: Chemistry and the First Law of Magnetic Attraction

Hello readers,

Okay. Today we get a little bit deeper into the study of Physics and Astronomy by studying Chemistry, their complement. I had spoken earlier about atoms being star systems of previous universes... not metaphorically, but in actual fact. Of course you may have found loopholes, but I will attempt to fill those holes today, cool?
First of all, the Periodic table of elements has two sections. One section gives the atomic description of the 100 elements. These elements are those whose structure cannot be broken down further, they are not man-made. They are here because they ARE, like hydrogen, for example.
The second section gives us the atomic description of various compounds forged from these elements. But they are "compounds," hence, they can be broken down further.

Now remember, atoms are star systems, and electrons are planets. In the universe, there are 100 types of star systems.. and there are 100 types of elements. The star systems are organized by how many planets orbit the star. So, a type 1 star system has 1 planet which orbits it. A type 2 star system is orbited by two planets, so on and so forth up to Type 100.
Toward the end of a Universe, these star systems cluster together according to one of the seven cosmological laws: The Law of Attraction/The Law of Magnetic Attraction. This law states that type 1 star systems be attracted to type 1 star systems, and 2 and 2, and on and on.

Remember when I said that all the star systems, at the end of the universe, become the atoms forming the new earth? Well, the Type 1's come together and form, on the new earth, the gas referred to as Hydrogen. Very light, very unstable, as there are not many electrons (planets) to keep it from mixing/reacting with other elements. In the same way, all type 2's come together and form Helium. Also very light, and so it floats above the ground, just as hydrogen and form water and our atmosphere. Some of the elements are heavier, such as the metals like Gold, which sink into the new earth as opposed to float.

So, before I continue on to the second post here about the Second Law of Magnetic Attraction, we should review. Star systems (star and planets/nucleus and electron) cluster together at the end of a universe in order to form those atoms and compounds which constitute the new planet of the new Creation. These atoms are what form the elements of our Periodic Table. (It is very intricate and also involves the roles of Melanin and Carbon (The Black substance, "Kam"
which is the base of "Kem"istry) and their role in the formation of new stars and star systems, but this cannot all be tackled in a single post. You would be reading for weeks.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Study of the Universe: Principles of Physics and Astronomy Part 4

This is not really a post, I just want to conclude this mini-series on the Study of Physics and Astronomy (Science).

You see, it is about cycles. Life is about cycles. In a cycle, there is change, but the change ends with the death of the cycle, but the death of the cycle is really just the life of another, and hence, it is another change. We have flowers and vegetation, we have trees, and we have human beings. All of these things plant their seeds as they change and prepare for the end of their cycle, and in fact the planting of their seeds is a part of the cycle. So there is no end, and effectively, there is also no beginning, because the end point is the beginning. Studying the zodiac or even earthly equinox's will reveal the same thing; and studying the life and death of stars will reveal the same thing; and in fact, studying hisory will reveal the same thing, too. WE are the only exception, as we have free will, and do not have to plant our seeds. However, that is where soul mates (which are a scientific Truth that I will post on later) and Love prove our divinity and effectual immortality. Because Love, which we cannot avoid, and neither plan for or against, holds the balance of our Divine cycle.

Atoms and electrons do not really exist. They are remnants of our founding or previous universe, and so on and so forth. The universe expands as it is being created and as it fulfills its purpose, and then as its Consciousness (the collective minds of ALL the people in it once it has been fully inhabited) or Mind ascends (think of it as an out of body experience) to its heights and above it, then it becomes as small as a planet, and all its stars and planets are as small as atoms and electrons. The universe thus plants its seed,
and we begin again.


Study of the Universe: Principles of Physics and Astronomy Part 3

If the Universe is made of star systems, and star systems are made of atoms, then atoms are the original star systems, deductively, correct?
From the Atom and Electron,
To the Earth and Planets,
To the Star and the Nucleus,
To the Solar system and the Universe.

This is the process of creation from bottom to the top. In later posts I will discuss the formation, core, and composition of stars as they relate to "Chaos/Change" which is otherwise known as Melanin.
Stars and planets exist in Seven (I will post later, as well, on the significance of the number 7) forms of matter, these are: Magnetism, Electricity, Light, Ether, Gases, Liquids, and Solids. Ether being the most important, as it is the foundation for the temporal-spatial existence of the other six, being the composition of outer space (the Black space itself, not what exists within it). Ether is the house (Ether also relates to melanin and Carbon, as Carbon is the most prevalent element in the Universe. 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons... 666, sound familiar? According to your DNA, you are either a Carbon being, or you a Carbon-based being-- it matters).

Stars are primarily a magnetic, electrical, and light body. Just as the Earth (As above, so below), all major bodies in outer space have magnetic polarity/poles. The earth has the North and the South pole, in this respect. It is the polarities of these poles which give rise to Protons. A Proton is not a particle or body as a planet/electron is, they are an energy resulting from the polarity of the star/nucleus.

Now, the substances which compose the Star: Hydrogen, Helium, Melanin, etc. are under the influence of this magnetism/magnetic field as well, and this interaction is what gives rise to the entity known as the Neutron. So, both the neutron and proton arise from the influence of the star's (nucleus's) magnetic field/magnetic poles on the elements constituting its make-up and only give the illusion of movement when studied on an electronic scale.

I have posted on the topic of Astronomy and Physics to help foster the understanding of the relationship which exists between our planet and the universe, and our physical with our spiritual. Remember the post on the "Big Bang?" Well, in it I briefly mentioned intergalactic travel and the collision of Nibiru with the planet Tiamat/Tiama'at, and the construction of our planet and star system from the collapse of a previous planet, "Aum"...... That's right. The atoms composing the current planet are the previous star systems of previous universes which are in a perpetual cycle of collapsing and formation.. no beginning, no end, 360degrees. This world is based on the primordial worlds existing before and before and before it. Well... based on African Science. The underlying principle of the Universe, is Change, is metamorphosis. And we, individually, and eventually collectively, constitute the Consciousness which allows for this metamorphosis which begins with the electron (planet/earth) and ends with the universe (atoms). Effectively, you have eternity/infinity because the end point is the beginning point... In other words, Atoms don't really exist- they are our founding star systems and thus leftovers of our founding universe.


Study of the Universe: Principles of Physics and Astronomy Part 2

Modern science measures our solar system to be 7,900 million miles across (look it up), or, 7,900,000,000 miles. Our earth is measured by modern science to be 7,900 miles across (that is, in diameter). That gives us a proportion of a solar system which is one million times the distance of the planet earth. This means that, if the solar system is one million times the size of earth, then the atom (at least on average, but of course, star systems will vary in size just as atoms will, and so, this is a holistically real and accurate measurement) is one million times the size of the electron. Is this true?

Modern science once again gives the average measurement of the atom, which is said to be about one-quarter millionth (1/4 millionth) of an inch across. The average measurement of the electron is given to be one-quarter trillionth (11/4 trillionth) of an inch across. This gives us a ratio of Star to Planet that is equivalent to that of Atom to Electron.

This is how Science and Spirituality are considered to be one and the same in the African educational system- not science and religion; as religion is put in place to turn to mush the scientific mind and convert it to dogma, therefore, religion and science cannot be reconciled in Western notions of thinking, because here, religion is equated with spirituality when it should not be because religion is spirituality used for the enslavement of the mind. This is the reason that the Zodiac and the construction of monuments such as the Pyramids were significant, they were the ancient microscopes; it was their way to study the laws of the Earth by studying the laws of the Cosmos: As above, so below. Physics is the study of Astronomy on a microcosmic scale.

Now, if the universe is composed of star systems (atoms), and the earth is composed of atoms (star systems) then one can conclude that the earth is a mini-universe. Taking this further (and I will not, but, now we can begin thinking from a freed perspective), it is possible to discover the size of the universe, which has no end, but is not infinte, just as you will not find the end of the earth (because it is a sphere), though the earth does not cover an infinite distance.

Next, we will discuss the significance of polarity and its relation to protons and neutrons.

Study of the Universe: Principles of Physics and Astronomy

Hello again, readers.
And I should promise, for as long as this blog lasts, to never again leave such an extensive period of time between posts. Now that school is finishing up, I will have more time to focus on this blog.

Today I would like to discuss something that, once again, our current notions of history have hid from us, in order to keep us in the dark about the true origins of things. This discussion will concern itself with the laws and principles governing Physics and Astronomy, which, believe it or not, are exactly the same thing; Physics being the microcosm of Astronomy, and all things to do with the laws of Physics are a purposeful insight into the underlying laws governing the stars, planets, and our entire universe. So, the first thing to do, is define:

The study of Physics is the study of the laws and principles governing atoms and electrons (the laws governing matter).
The study of Astrology is the study of the laws and principles governing the stars and the planets (the laws governing star systems).

What is the connection? The connection can be found in Western society in the form of the A-bomb. In Kemet and elsewhere, in the form of the nucleus. The nucleus of every atom, is in fact, literally, a sun. The nucleus is a star. And if the nucleus is in fact a star, then what does that make of electrons? Electrons are planets.

If you were to study the atom under a microscope, you would see that electrons actually orbit its nucleus in exactly the same manner in which planets orbit a star. In the same way that the magnetic pull of our sun can trap other planets (rocks) into its orbit, the nucleus can do the same with other electrons.

Every given atom can be found to be in the same structure as a given solar (star) system, the only difference between the two is size. The reason scientists will never find the smallest particle of which matter is composed is because if the solar system is an atom, then atoms themselves are made of atoms. If the earth is an electron, then electrons themselves are made of electrons. The math behind this and the significance of protons and neutrons will be reserved for the next post.