Glyph Talk

Glyph Talk
Built before the establishment of the Dynasties, built before the Pharoah, the glyphs housed in Ancient Kemet's temples, when under the right conditions, were said to tell a tale quite of their own....

Friday, April 3, 2009

Study of the Universe: Principles of Physics and Astronomy Part 4

This is not really a post, I just want to conclude this mini-series on the Study of Physics and Astronomy (Science).

You see, it is about cycles. Life is about cycles. In a cycle, there is change, but the change ends with the death of the cycle, but the death of the cycle is really just the life of another, and hence, it is another change. We have flowers and vegetation, we have trees, and we have human beings. All of these things plant their seeds as they change and prepare for the end of their cycle, and in fact the planting of their seeds is a part of the cycle. So there is no end, and effectively, there is also no beginning, because the end point is the beginning. Studying the zodiac or even earthly equinox's will reveal the same thing; and studying the life and death of stars will reveal the same thing; and in fact, studying hisory will reveal the same thing, too. WE are the only exception, as we have free will, and do not have to plant our seeds. However, that is where soul mates (which are a scientific Truth that I will post on later) and Love prove our divinity and effectual immortality. Because Love, which we cannot avoid, and neither plan for or against, holds the balance of our Divine cycle.

Atoms and electrons do not really exist. They are remnants of our founding or previous universe, and so on and so forth. The universe expands as it is being created and as it fulfills its purpose, and then as its Consciousness (the collective minds of ALL the people in it once it has been fully inhabited) or Mind ascends (think of it as an out of body experience) to its heights and above it, then it becomes as small as a planet, and all its stars and planets are as small as atoms and electrons. The universe thus plants its seed,
and we begin again.



  1. Please continue with your blog... your insight on this matter is definitely a spark.