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Glyph Talk
Built before the establishment of the Dynasties, built before the Pharoah, the glyphs housed in Ancient Kemet's temples, when under the right conditions, were said to tell a tale quite of their own....

Friday, April 3, 2009

Study of the Universe: Principles of Physics and Astronomy Part 3

If the Universe is made of star systems, and star systems are made of atoms, then atoms are the original star systems, deductively, correct?
From the Atom and Electron,
To the Earth and Planets,
To the Star and the Nucleus,
To the Solar system and the Universe.

This is the process of creation from bottom to the top. In later posts I will discuss the formation, core, and composition of stars as they relate to "Chaos/Change" which is otherwise known as Melanin.
Stars and planets exist in Seven (I will post later, as well, on the significance of the number 7) forms of matter, these are: Magnetism, Electricity, Light, Ether, Gases, Liquids, and Solids. Ether being the most important, as it is the foundation for the temporal-spatial existence of the other six, being the composition of outer space (the Black space itself, not what exists within it). Ether is the house (Ether also relates to melanin and Carbon, as Carbon is the most prevalent element in the Universe. 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons... 666, sound familiar? According to your DNA, you are either a Carbon being, or you a Carbon-based being-- it matters).

Stars are primarily a magnetic, electrical, and light body. Just as the Earth (As above, so below), all major bodies in outer space have magnetic polarity/poles. The earth has the North and the South pole, in this respect. It is the polarities of these poles which give rise to Protons. A Proton is not a particle or body as a planet/electron is, they are an energy resulting from the polarity of the star/nucleus.

Now, the substances which compose the Star: Hydrogen, Helium, Melanin, etc. are under the influence of this magnetism/magnetic field as well, and this interaction is what gives rise to the entity known as the Neutron. So, both the neutron and proton arise from the influence of the star's (nucleus's) magnetic field/magnetic poles on the elements constituting its make-up and only give the illusion of movement when studied on an electronic scale.

I have posted on the topic of Astronomy and Physics to help foster the understanding of the relationship which exists between our planet and the universe, and our physical with our spiritual. Remember the post on the "Big Bang?" Well, in it I briefly mentioned intergalactic travel and the collision of Nibiru with the planet Tiamat/Tiama'at, and the construction of our planet and star system from the collapse of a previous planet, "Aum"...... That's right. The atoms composing the current planet are the previous star systems of previous universes which are in a perpetual cycle of collapsing and formation.. no beginning, no end, 360degrees. This world is based on the primordial worlds existing before and before and before it. Well... based on African Science. The underlying principle of the Universe, is Change, is metamorphosis. And we, individually, and eventually collectively, constitute the Consciousness which allows for this metamorphosis which begins with the electron (planet/earth) and ends with the universe (atoms). Effectively, you have eternity/infinity because the end point is the beginning point... In other words, Atoms don't really exist- they are our founding star systems and thus leftovers of our founding universe.


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